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Skip bin hire Hobart

Whether you are landscaping, renovating or clearing out a property, partnering with the skip bin hire Hobart company is vital. Partnering with a company who can provide a wide variety of different sized skip bins for projects of all sizes should be one of your first priorities. Hobart skip hire provide skip bin hire Hobart services that are both competitively priced and available for either long or short-terms.

The team at skip bin hire Hobart are proud of the fact that they have decades of experience in the Australian waste management industry. As experts in all aspects of skip bins Hobart.

We have developed a sustainable system by cooperating with industry specialists to ensure our waste management protocols follow the best industry practices.

As a local skip hire Hobart company we have dedicated ourselves to keeping the region environmentally safe.

Because of this we only hire the highest quality skip bin hire Hobart professionals and we provide our staff and customers with the tools they need to ensure all their waste disposal activities help keep Australia green.

The core values of Hobart skip bins

* Our focus is on ensuring a clean and safe environment for the future generations of Hobartians. This is achieved largely by a consistent focus on increasing our recycling effectiveness.

* Our team highly trained and knowledgeable, they help our customers select the skip bin to suit your needs. Because of our highly efficient database system we are in a position to offer skip hire Hobart prices that are competitive and suitable to individual requirements.

* Once a customer receives a satisfactory quotation we have an online booking service that operates 24/7 our team will then be notified directly out the booking which will help them ensure your skipping is delivered on time.

* Once you’re ready to have your skip bin Hobart collected just contact one of our team and they will look after everything else.

* For an easy hassle free and affordable skip bin hire Hobart service, contact one of our team today. Simply fill out the online application form or pick up the phone and contact us directly the decision is yours but our booking system couldn’t be more effective or simple

Hobart skip bins sizes

We have skip bins for hire in Hobart in a wide range of sizes and for different uses. These skip bins are designed the whole general waste from either a residential or work sites they will hold approximately 3 trailer loads of waste

If you’re dealing with a slightly larger project we have skip bind for hire in sizes suitable for commercial or Warehouse purposes and holds about four trailer loads of waste

If you need more space to remove waste our skip bins will allow you to dispose of six trailer loads

If you’re working with a larger project or even an industrial amount of waste our skip bins for hire will allow you to dispose of eight trailer loads

When working with skip bins of the size you’re usually talking about property renovations are other small commercial endeavours

As we rarely get any clients asking for skipping of a larger size this is the biggest we stock and we provide this to many other industrial commercial partners What can I put in my Skip from Bin Hire Hobart

What can you put in a Hobart Skip Bin?

As we only work with reputable waste disposal facilities we have to be very strict to ensure that only correct waste is placed in our bins. To avoid any additional charges by trying to dispose of waste in the wrong manner we’ve provided this guide which will help you avoid any potential fines or other problems while using our skipping higher Hobart service


If you’re hiring a skip bin for general waste you can use it to dispose of household waste you can include cushions, duvets, bathroom accessories, kitchenware, towels, bedding, cardboard, paper and clothes. Lighter commercial waste such as stationary, chairs, desk tidies and other office furniture. Appliances or furniture that can include sofa’s, chairs, fridges, beds, washing machines, loungers, and cupboards. Light commercial waste wallpaper, flooring, wood.

Green waste skip bins Hobart

Lighter green waste such as grass, foliage and shrubs. Leaves and small branches, wood chips as long as there’s no soil attached. Tree trunks that are less than 50mm long and have a diameter of less than 150 mm. Any untreated lumber

Brick or Concrete Skip Bins Hobart

Our concrete and brick skip bins have been designed to take stones, rocks, pebbles, floor tiles, roof tiles, and any type of concrete. This must be no larger than 600×600 mm. Mortar and other types of brick. Please remember to only use a concrete and brick skip bin for the purpose of its design. Avoid putting in any dirt, soil and hazardous materials such as containers, wet paint, food, insulation or asbestos. As well as any excavation waste our green waste especially turf or soil.

Dirt or soil Skip Bins Hobart , Tasmania 

Our dirt our soil skip bins have been designed to hold anything that’s considered to be naturally occurring such as clay sandstone or any other type of rock or dirt. You can include vegetation or turf as long as it’s only taking up 10% of the space in the bin.

Please remember that you cannot add vegetation once you reach the 10% capacity. Be careful when you are loading a soil or dirt bin as is strictly prohibited to include any hazardous or man-made materials that includes contaminated soil, asbestos, paint or other chemical containers insulation.

Mixed skip bins Hobart

If you’re uncertain as to the exact nature of the waste you need to dispose of it’s best to order a mixed waste skipping. These are designed to take a wide variety of different waste that include tiles, concrete, brick, treated timber, sheds, fences, floorboards, retaining walls, cushions, bathroom accessories, kitchenware, towels, bedding, hardboard, paper, and clothes, sofas, chairs, fridges, beds, washing machines, lounges and cupboards, palm trees, bushes , twigs, leaves, grass clippings, foliage, and shrubs. Tree trunks that are less than 300 mm in length and diameter

***We don’t encourage the disposal of carpets in our skips***

* Any TV screens or computers should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner
* You can include light green waste such as twigs leaves foliage grass or shrubs
* Please do not place any of the following in a general waste skip bin
* Heavy materials such as stones clay tiles concrete sand or bricks
* Soil or any dirt that has traffic patched you’ll have to get a special skip bin for these purposes
* Parts of trees that include tree trunks roots with turf attached
* Synthetic grass
* Any hazardous materials including liquids chemicals white paint food insulation are asbestos

Skip bins are perfect for...

  • Yard clean up (broken bikes,outdoor furniture, kids toys …)
  • Removing green waste (prunings, palm fronds, branches grass cuttings…)
  • Getting rid of junk under house & in the shed (too much to mention!)
  • Clean up  of household stuff. ( plastics, linen, clothing ..)
  • Disposing of furniture, lounges, white goods (washing machines, fridges..)
  • Getting  space in the garage
  • Getting ready to  move house, moving parents in or moving kids out!
  • Cleanup & declutters
  • Small renovations  (Kitchens, carpets …) Big job? Try our hook bins
  • Clean up for a Real estate house inspections.
  • Office, shop, retail and small business clean ups
  • Storage shed tidy ups.
  • All bins are measured by cubic metre
  • A 2 cubic metre skip bin is perfect for general household rubbish removal
  • 4m3 bins available for builders waste: concrete, bricks and steel
  • 4m3 bins available for landscaping waste: dirt, rocks and green waste

What can go inside a skip bin for Hobart, Tasmania?

South Skip Bins allow the following items inside skip bins.

All Electronic (eWaste) can be placed on the top of the bins for recycling. We strive to recycle as much as possible.

We always dispose of our waste accordingly, however, some items have drop off points like gas bottles and fire extinguishers.

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